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Commercial Flooring Services

Providing a Range of wood flooring services

As Junkers flooring specialists we have the experience and knowledge of being able to either fit you a brand new sports hall or maintain your current floor to the highest standard. 

We believe we have some of the best fitters in the UK. Our team can help you with anything to do with wood flooring. Give us a call today for a quote.


Deep Clean Scratch and Seal

Your wood flooring will require a deep clean scratch and seal on average every 18 months. This is a very basic maintenance.


Fitting of New Floor

Need a new wood floor fitting? we can rip up your old floor and re-lay a completely new floor to the highest standard.


Full Sand and Re-lacquer

Full Sand back to bare wood followed by resealing by applying approved lacquer. This should be done on average every 8 years. High use areas like sports halls is every year – six years


Outdoor Decking

As part of our specialty with wood flooring, we can also offer outdoor decking areas. fitting from scratch. We even build the frames on site!

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